Offical start-up

The project was formally agreed by signing the MOU with Registrar in the office of the VC Academic.We are now going through the process of setting up the financial structures. Next step is have a partnership meeting with the government officials of the Agriculture Departments of Tripura and Orissa which we are doing on Monday.  The fun bit was going up to the newly added top floor where the university has built a Centre for Modern Biology in which a number of other centres are nested (mostly molecular) and where we will have our Centre for Pollination Studies.  Its not furnished and the partition isn’t up yet but the room is there! (see below)


CPS room is through that window – you can’t see it but there is a great view.

We don’t get all of it!  It will partitioned and part of it will be workshop space that any of the Centres can use.

Our corridor… err, on second thoughts perhaps not that interesting!!


One comment on “Offical start-up

  1. elaine says:

    Barbara! I’m so glad to see you arrived safely and look so well, happy and looked after. I shall let the Tuesday morning gang know the good news! It sounds like your stay will be fascinating and a wonderful experience. I very much hope that, once you have sussed out the walk, you might take to your yoga mat!? Lots of love, Elaine xxx

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