Just come back from Orissa – it was really successful trip but am enconsed in preparing a workshop today. So just a few more pictures of Kolkata today and will up date with new news and photos tomorrow.

There are lots of grand villas scattered around Kolkata

This park is a five minute walk from the guesthouse.  It has a network of ponds and a swimming lake.

Bengalis are musicians and poets: Parthib singing

A Bangali version of Blowing in the Wind being sung!

Kids enjoy it too 🙂



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  1. elaine says:

    my dear Barbara – thought of you again in yoga today and told the folks you were doing ok. have tried to send blog details to Pam and Viv. I’m going to take time to read all your news as lots to catch up on. What I have read brings all my desires to return to India back. What an amazing time you must be having meeting all those lovely people, including poets! And getting to know families at close hand. I must say it tugs at my heart strings a little and I now yearn to go back. Stay well and relish your time there. Namaste. Elaine x

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