Made a start on the ‘list’


Axis axis                                       Spotted deer (Chital)

Pteropus giganteus                        Indian flying fox (fruit bat)

Ratufa indica                                 Indian giant squirrel


Psammophilus blandfordanus       Blandford’s Rock agama

Hemidactylus frenatus                  House gecko


Actitis hypoleucos                           Sandpiper

Bubulcus sp.                                  Cattle egret                                       

Chalcophaps indica                         Emerald dove

Cinnyris asiaticus                            Purple sunbird

Corvus splendens                            House crow

Dicrurus caerulescens                     White bellied drongo

Dicrurus macrocercus                     Black drongo

Gallus gallus                                  Red junglefowl                

Halcyon smyrnensis                        White-throated Kingfisher

Milvus migrans                                Black Kite

Oriolus chinensis                             Black-naped oriole                                         

Pycnonotus cafer                             Red-vented bulbul

Spilornis cheela                             Crested serpent eagle

Terpsiphone paradisi                      Paradise fly-catcher (female)

Treron bicinctus                            Orange-breasted Green Pigeon

Turdoides striata                            Jungle babbler


Catopsilia Pomona                          Common emmigrant

Eurema hecabe                              Grass yellow

Leptosia nina                                  Psyche

Papilio demoleus                             Common lime

Pareronia valeria                              Common wanderer

Atrophaneura aristolochiae               Common rose





Apis dorsata                                       Rock bee

Apis cerana                                         Asiatic honey bee                           

Xylocopa sp.                                       Carpenter bee



One comment on “Lists!

  1. elaine says:

    Not sure I understand all the latin names but I do understand the smell of fresh fresh fruit. Your description of the lime was so evocative. I remember buying fresh papaya every day for my lunch from the road seller in Pune. Divine. It looks so interesting and beautiful where you are Barbara and I’m sure everyone so enjoys meeting you with your gentle manner and kindness. Wishing you happy times ahead. Much love, Elaine xx (ps we too have rain…lots and lots and lots of it…just perfect for a Sunday afternoon full of baking, cooking and ironing!)

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